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    • May 13, 2011: Another "Gay Batman" comic located!

      Batman #64 has been identified as a "lost SOTI" comic book! Read the press release and FAQ.

      One of the assertions made by Dr. Wertham in Seduction of the Innocent was that Batman and Robin were gay lovers. On page 191, Wertham states,

      The atmosphere is homosexual and anti-feminine. If the girl is good-looking she is undoubtedly the villainess. If she is after Bruce Wayne, she will have no chance against Dick. For instance, Bruce and Dick go out one evening in dinner clothes, dressed exactly alike. The attractive girl makes up to Bruce while in successive pictures young Dick looks on smiling, sure of Bruce.

      For more than half a century, the source of this quote remained unknown to comic book historians, scholars and collectors. Thanks to the research of Hector Guerra, the source of this quote is no longer a mystery! Below see the cover of Batman #64, and the page that was referenced by Wertham.

      In the past four months, three DC comics have been identified as "lost SOTI" comics: Batman #64, World's Finest #44 and Gang Busters #3.

  • April 23, 2011: Gay Batman located at last!
    Worlds Finest Comics #44 has been identified as one of the "lost SOTI" comics!

    One of the assertions made by Dr. Wertham in Seduction of the Innocent was that Batman and Robin were gay lovers. On page 190, Wertham states,

    As they sit by the fire the young boy sometimes worries about his partner: 'Somethingís wrong with Bruce. He hasnít been himself these last few days.' It is like a wish dream of two homosexuals living together.

    For more than half a century, the source of this quote remained unknown to comic book historians, scholars and collectors. Thanks to the work of Hector Guerra, the source of this quote is no longer a mystery! Below see the cover of Worlds Finest #44, and the page that was referenced by Wertham.

    This quote

    Sometimes they are shown on a couch, Bruce reclining and Dick sitting next to him, jacket off, collar open, and his hand on his friendís arm.

    also comes from World's Finest #44.

    And from page 9 of SOTI, there is this quote,

    Here, too, is the customary close-up of the surprised and frightened-looking policeman with his hands half-raised saying:
    as he is threatened by a huge fist holding a gun to his face! This is followed by mild disapproval ("You've gone too far! This is murder!") as the uniformed man lies dead on the ground. This comic book is endorsed by child specialists who are connected with important institutions.

    This reference also comes from World's Finest #44.

    In the past three months, two DC comics have been identified as "lost SOTI" comics: World's Finest #44 and Gang Busters #3.

  • March 9, 2011: More news on Gang Busters #3!
    This book was recently discovered to be a "lost" SOTI book. Now we know that it was used by the NY State Legislature as well! It's pictured on page 60 of the Committee's 1951 report. For more items used in that report, see our page devoted to that investigation.

  • February, 2011: Another "lost" SOTI illo has been identified!
    Until now, the "Comic-book map for crime" illustration below from SOTI had been unidentified.

    Thanks to information found in the Wertham files at the Library of Congress, we now know this "comic book map for crime" illo comes from DC's Gang Busters #3.

  • February, 2011: Wertham film in the works! Read here for details about "Diagram for Delinquents"!

  • October, 2010: Another formerly "lost" SOTI book has been found. True Love Problems and Advice Illustrated #11 is a SOTI book.

    Check out True Love Problems and Advice Illustrated #11, then read pages 185-186 of Seduction of the Innocent:

    Love comics, like crime comics, play up the angle that what they depict is real life. "These girls are real people with real problems and real dramatic confessions," says a typical issue. What do these "real" girls want? "More than anything in the world I wanted glamor, money, adventure . . ." What are their problems? The titles of the stories give the answer:

    This comic also contains the following quotes from SOTI:
    Violent passions smouldered in my heart! I burned with love for a man who could never be mine. In a moment of weakness I surrendered to a tragic impulse and grasped at a forbidden love!
    Naive, innocent fool that I was, I thought he was asking me to marry him! But I found out different fifteen minutes after we checked into the hotel!! My folks hushed it up of course . . . and I learned to forget. . .

  • September, 2010: New Lost SOTI item found. Tween Age Digest #1 (September, 1952) is a formerly "lost" SOTI collectible that is now found. From pages 120-121 of SOTI:

    A similar children's magazine, Tween Age Digest, at twenty-five cents, also looks like a regular magazine, but has comic-book sections. One of these is a supercondensed comic-book version of Don Quixote. You see him lying on the ground: "The servants beat Don Quixote mercilessly and although he swore vengeance he was helpless as a beetle on his back."

  • August, 2010: New Guide with SOTI Changes. The new Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide is out. The good news? Some of the contributions from have been included, such as the fact that Out of this World Adventures #2 was used in Seduction. The not-so-good news? There are numerous inaccuracies in the listing for Seduction of the Innocent, despite corrections submitted by the webmaster of For the real story regarding editions of SOTI that have been published, refer to our page devoted to just that topic.

  • July, 2010: New Printing of POP! At last! Parade of Pleasure is back in print for the first time in 55 years! Greg Theakston's Pure Imagination has published a softcover edition of this important piece of comic book history. The new printing omits all of the photos and illos that were part of the original edition, but includes a large number of new photos and illustrations.

  • June 1, 2010: New Printing of SOTI! The eighth printing of Seduction of the Innocent has been released and is available through that big online seller of books and just about everything else.

  • April, 2010: gets press! When ParentDish did a story about Archie Comics' introduction of a gay character, they mentioned the role former Archie publisher John Goldwater played in the early days of the Comics Code. They also provided a link within the story to the best source of information about that time period. Rather than simply putting in a link to Wikipedia's entry on Seduction of the Innocent, as many others do, blogger Tom Henderson chose instead to link to Thanks, Tom!

    • This formerly lost SOTI book reference has been found! Details to come!

      In the light of these facts it is indicative of the general misconception about crime comics, and a matter of regret, that a public agency like New York City's Youth Board lends its name to a "public service page" in crime comic books. This page, supposed to fight drug addiction among juveniles, shows the progress of a boy addict and bears the legend: "The Comics Magazine Industry pledges itself to aid youngsters in their fight against the enemies of youth - the dope peddlers." Are the children supposed to fight the adult drug- racketeers? That should be the concern of the adults. This page is in reality just an advertisement for "The Comics Magazine Industry" and is highly misleading to parents and children alike. A typical comic book with this page is one of the worst crime comics.

    July 5, 2010: The Marvel Search continues!
    • In late 1948/early 1949, it turns out there were THREE Marvel anti-Wertham editorials. The first didn't mention Werham by name, the second one specifically referred to Dr. Wertham and his article in Saturday Review of Literature, and the third one also did not mention Werham by name. We're continuing to compile lists of the Marvel books from late 1948/early 1949 that have these editorials.

    • It turns out that the quote, "Another crime comic describes the wonderful effects of morphine: 'One needleful of joy-juice and you get so satisfied with the world you forget your obligations!'" comes from a SOTI book that has already been identified. This quote is in the classic story "Murder, Morphine and Me" in True Crime v2#1. The most recent reprint of this story is in The Mammoth Book of Best Crime Comics.

    • More to come!

    November 4, 2009: NEWLY-FOUND SOTI ADS POSTED!
    • Dr. Wertham criticized the ads he found in comics, and some examples of ads quoted in SOTI are now posted. More to come!

    October 21, 2009: NEWLY-DISCOVERED SOTI BOOKS!
    • A two-page text piece in Crime Does Not Pay #76 is referenced in Seduction of the Innocent. The same text piece is also in Crime and Punishment #16. Click here for details.

    September 15, 2009: NEWLY-DISCOVERED SOTI BOOK!(sort of)
    • Thanks to David T. Alexander for pointing out that Private Detective Stories v21 #3 is a pulp that contains an SOTI story.
      Although this is not where Wertham read the story, it's worth noting this golden age pulp reprint of the Sally Sleuth story from Crime Smashers #1 is a story that was not just mentioned, but pictured in SOTI.

  • News from dates prior to the start of the SeductionOfTheInnocent News Archive:


    • Kewpies #1 is now recognized as a SOTI comic by the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide due to the efforts of Seduction of the
    • Out of This World Adventures #2 was found by to be a SOTI comic, and this information has not yet been reflected in the Overstreet Guide.

    • The SOTI reference to Frontier Romances #1 on p. 180 of SOTI is now acknowledged by Overstreet to be a general reference to erotic spankings in Western comics, not a specific reference to Frontier Romances #1. The book is still a SOTI book because of the illustration Wertham used, but Wertham did not make reference to this comic in particular on p. 180 of SOTI.
    • Haunt of Fear #23 is no longer listed in Overstreet as a Seduction of the Innocent book, because of information provided by
    • Tom Mix Western #10 is no longer listed in Overstreet as a Seduction of the Innocent book, because of information provided by
    • It seems apparent that Red Seal #16 was not the source for Dr. Wertham's "blood drainage" story, but instead the doctor saw this story in Authentic Police Cases #3. This is based on the fact that Wertham quotes the text piece in Authentic Police Cases #3, and makes no mention of having seen this story in two places (as he did with True Crime v1#2 and True Crime v2#1). More trivia about Authentic Police Cases #3: It's mentioned on pages 161 and 181 of SOTI, in addition to being included in the illustrations. You won't find that information in Overstreet yet, but you'll get it right here at

    1940'S VARIANTS!
    • The descriptions of Peter Penny and his Magic Dollar listed in Overstreet appear to be incorrect. You'll only find that information right here at
    • There are several versions of Your United States, a comic referenced in SOTI. This information is not yet in the Overstreet Price Guide, but is available here at

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