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The story of "Your United States" from

At least four different versions of this book were distributed, three of which appear to have been intended to assist publisher Fred Danner obtain or retain public office. Although Overstreet lists Lloyd Jacquet studios as the publisher, these books suggest that perhaps Jacquet's studios simply provided the content for Danner's "Danner Press" publishing. Although no full indicia exists, the publication data indicates, "Copyright 1946 By Fred W. Danner" and "Created By Lloyd Jacquet Studios N.Y." The lack of a cover price and the explicit notation indicating that this was given away by Fred Danner would seem to indicate that this is a promotional book, listed incorrectly in the main section of the Overstreet Price Guide.

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Here's what Wertham had to say about this comic book, on pages 309-310 of SOTI:
Typical is one called 'Your United States'. It devotes one page to each state and, although on bad paper and as smudgily printed as the others, it really contains some instructive information. But practically every state, although it gets only one page, has a scene of violence; if one doesn't, that is made up for in other states where there are two or three such scenes. For instance, a man hanged from a tree by a "vigilance committee"; Negroes in chains; corpses and dying men; a girl tied to a tree, her bound wrists above her head, her skirt blowing up in the wind and a coy facial expression of fright as in a sadist's dream; a girl about to be raped or massacred. Is that what you want your children to think is the history of "Your United States"?

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Version A: No sticker, no surprint. Version B: Surprint that reads "Given to each School Child by Fred Danner, member of the Akron School Board from 1943-1947"

Sticker indicates that Mr. Danner is running for State Senate. Sticker indicates that Mr. Danner is now a State Senator.