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Due to fears of lawsuits from comic book publishers,
this bibliography was removed from nearly all copies of SOTI
prior to distribution. Here's what that elusive bibliography
looks like.

In Instant Gratification #1, 1979, Dr. Wertham said,
One of the many things I learned after Seduction of the Innocent was published was the enormous power of the distributor. When SotI was first published I quickly received a very angry letter -- perhaps the angriest letter I ever received -- saying, "How could you sell a mutilated book!" I didn't even know what he was talking about. I hadn't even looked carefully at my own copy. You see, I had quite a bit of legal advice on SotI. The book was absolutely libel-proof. But apparently Mr. Rinehart, the publisher, was threatened by the distributors who said that Rinehart's books would be boycotted. As a compromise at the last moment and without my knowledge, he took out the bibliography.

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