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Crime and Punishment #16 and Crime Does Not Pay #76

The following text piece was referred to by Dr. Wertham in Seduction of the Innocent on pages 98-99. This text piece appeared in Crime and Punishment #16 as well as Crime Does Not Pay #76. Because the text leading up to it refers to the phrase "crime does not pay", it's reasonable to assume that the book Wertham was referencing was Crime Does Not Pay #76.
"When I pointed out the hypocrisy of the Crime does not pay slogan and its bad effect on children, the industry accused me of "unfairness" in attacking their highest endeavors and introduced some more slogan morality. In one comic book are two pages by a police captain attacking me: 'Don't let reformers kid you!' He is 'shocked by what I read today about the people who condemn crime comics. These people are the menace.' He goes on: 'Children don't like to be kicked around by reformers who want to decide what's good for them to read.' And he extols 'the strong moral force' that comics exert on children.