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Reprints of SOTI Comics
Most of these are post-Code. Most are not noted in Overstreet as SOTI books.
    Title Issue Where used in SOTI
    All EC's     Every EC book listed above was reprinted at least twice: once in the hardbound sets of the 70's and once in the 1990s' Russ Cochran reprints. Some were reprinted additional times as well.
  THE BEST OF HORROR & SCIENCE FICTION   nn   1990's (?) reprint of SOTI book
  BLACK CAT   63   Reprints "Black Cat's Judo Tricks", used in SOTI
  BLACK CAT   64   Reprints "Black Cat's Judo Tricks", used in SOTI
  BLACK CAT   65   Reprints "Black Cat's Judo Tricks", used in SOTI
  BLACK CAT: The Origins   1   Reprints Black Cat #27
  DREAM OF LOVE   8   Reprints two Jon Juan stories by Siegel and Schomburg, from Jon Juan #1
  GHOUL TALES   4   Reprints "The Way to a Man's Heart" from Weird Mysteries #7, renamed "Mother's Advice"
  JUNGLE ADVENTURES   12   Reprints Zoot #14. Thanks to eBay user atomic-age-man for informing us that this is a SOTI book.
  MR. MONSTER'S TRUE CRIME   2   Reprints True Crime #2
  SHOCK   V1#2   Reprints "More Deadly Than Male" from Weird Mysteries #7
  TEENAGED DOPE SLAVES AND REFORM SCHOOL GIRLS TPB   nn   Reprints a SOTI goldmine! Reform School Girl, Trapped! and Teenage Dope Slaves, as well as non-SOTI stories like Lucky Fights it Through and other gems!
  3-D SEDUCTION OF THE INNOCENT   2   Reprints "More Deadly Than Male" from Weird Mysteries #7, in 3-D

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