Dr. Fredric Wertham appearances
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Dr. Wertham is so notorious in the comic book industry that he has actually appeared, typically parodied, in numerous comics.

Dr. Wertham Appearances
Blab #3 Dr. Wertham appears in a Dan Clowes story, reciting passages from Seduction of the Innocent
Grave Tales #6 "Freddie Wertham Goes to Hell"
Jungle Comics #104 Wertham is the villain in the Camilla story.
Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft #1 "Freddie Wertham Goes to Hell" reprinted in color
Mad Magazine #34 Wertham appears as Dr. Frederick Werthless
Scream #1 Wertham and Comics Code President Len Darvin appear
Spirit Sunday supplement 2/27/1949 Wertham is parodied as Dr. Wolfgang Worry in "The Deadly Comic Book"
Spirit (Harvey, 1967) #2 Reprint of "The Deadly Comic Book"
Spirit (Warren, 1974) #5 Reprint of "The Deadly Comic Book"
Spirit (Kitchen Sink, 1988) #41 Reprint of "The Deadly Comic Book"
Spirit Special #1 Reprint of "The Deadly Comic Book"
Suspense #29 Wertham parody "The Raving Maniac"
Worst From Mad #1 Reprints "Baseball is Ruining Our Children" from Mad #34


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