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Articles about Dr. Fredric Wertham and his work
All-Dynamic #4, February, 1970
Alan Light 16-page fanzine with photo and letter from Dr. Fredric Wertham
Alter Ego #89, October, 1999
Mr. Monster presents the Wit and Wisdom of Dr. Wertham
Alter Ego 128
Article about Wertham and SOTI by Carol Tilley.
Alter Ego #133, June, 2015
Wertham article
Amazing Heroes #123, August 15, 1987
The Strange Case of Dr. Wertham by Dwight R. Decker
Amazing Heroes #124, Sept. 1, 1987
The Return of Dr. Wertham by Dwight R. Decker
Amazing Heroes #125, Sept. 15, 1987
From Dr. Wertham With Love by Dwight R. Decker
Analog December, 1974
Review of World of Fanzines.
Antiquarian Bookman September 25, 1954
Review of Seduction of the Innocent that is less than flattering. Thanks to eBayer Papergoy for the information!
The Audience Studies Reader
Book that includes a chapter on Seduction of the Innocent
The Best of RBCC Interview with Dr. Wertham
Blab #2
Dan Clowes story based on Dr. Wertham cases
Blab #5
"4-Color Frenzy: The Rise and Fall of Crime Comics" by Ray Zone. Includes illos from SOTI.
Canton (OH) Comic Book Fair program, 1970's
Although not about Wertham per se, this item features "The Great Comic Book Purge of 1954" about attempts to eliminate the evil influence of comic books in the lives of kids. Read it!
Censorshi*#2, Summer, 1994
Article looking back at SOTI on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the book. Two-page article, plus reproductions from SOTI, from a religious pamphlet called "Awake!", and from the 1955 CMAA Comics Code.
Coffinworm #7, 1971
"Wertham was Right, You Know" story of gay Batman and Robin, by Jeff Anderson
The Collector #15, 1969

Review of Seduction of the Innocent by Steve Schulman
Collier's, March 27, 1948 , pp. 22-23+

Judith Crist "Horror in the Nursery" Read it!
Comic Book Marketplace #2,
Comic Book Marketplace #12,
Comic Book Marketplace #29,
"In Defense of Dr. Wertham"
Comic Book Marketplace #55, January, 1998
"More Than Just the Marvel Family- Fawcett took flack from Wertham too!" by Nicky Wright
Comic Book Marketplace Special #4
A "best of" issue that features Wertham from #29
The Comic Reader #198, January, 1982
Wertham obituary
Comickazi #1, September, 1969
Parody/pseudo-interview with Wertham
Comicology #4
Review of Wertham's A Sign for Cain
The Comics Buyer's Guide #40, July 15, 1973
Full page ad for Wertham's The World of Fanzines
The Comics Journal #69
Wertham obituary
The Comics Journal #80, 1980
'Seduction of the Ignorant' issue. Retrospective defense of comics against the Wertham/Senate Judiciary Committee attacks on them as corruptors of youth.
The Comics Journal #133, December, 1989
Numerous articles re: Wertham, Senate hearings, censorship
Comics Scene #2, March, 1982
Dr. Wertham obituary
Coronet, June , 1944 , pp. 136-140
"A Doctor's Method for Madness", re: Wertham's Dark Legend
Coronet, March , 1948 , pp. 133-136
"Human Salvage in Harlem", about the LeFargue clinic in Harlem founded by Wertham.
Creem, February, 1976
Comics Morality Turns Twenty-one. Three-page article on Wertham and EC and Marvel Comics.
Dr. Wirtham's Comix & Stories #1-10
Underground Comix using Wertham's "good" name. Issue 6 pictured.
Fan Informer #33, June 1973
Review of Wertham's The World of Fanzines
Fandom Media #3
Article on SOTI by Paul Hugli
Fandom Unlimited #1, July, 1971
Interview with Dr. Wertham
Fandom Unlimited #2, Spring, 1977
Interview with Dr. Wertham
Fan Scene #1, 1966 SOTI article by Gary Hood in low print-run fanzine
Fantastic Fanzine Special #2, February, 1972
"The Wertham Panel: Why It Failed" by Zimmerman
Forbidden 3D
Chronicles Wertham's anti-comics efforts
Fortune, April, 1933 pp. 44-49
Article on the business of comics
Golden Age #1, 1965
Fanzine with mention of Wertham in Sounding Off column by Rick Weingroff
Graphic Story Magazine #11, Summer, 1970 , p. 46-47,48
"Graphic Story World" Anti-SOTI article by Richard Kyle; Includes Wertham letter on p. 48.
Guts Magazine #4, 1968
Article about Wertham and violence in entertainment media.
Guts Magazine #5, 1969 Wertham article in low print-run fanzine
Inside Comics, #4
Wertham article.
International Journal of Comic Art Fall, 2001
Bart Beaty -- Fredric Wertham Faces His Critics: Contextualizing the Postwar Comics Debate Patricia Watson Shariff
Jet, May 20, 1954, p. 48 One-page article about Seduction of the Innocent, as Book of the Week pick. Includes Wertham photo, but cites no specific comic books.
Life, February 23, 1948
Harlem's St. Philip's Parish House, with Dr. Wertham
Locus, #47 (1968)
Article about Wertham's efforts to collect fanzines for his upcoming monograph, which would later be titled World of Fanzines
Locus, #252, January, 1982
Wertham obituary.
McCall's, February, 1964
Why Murder is Contagious, an interview with Dr. Fredric Wertham
Media Sight, Fall, 1983
Prelude to Seduction of the Innocent: Special Report on NY Legislative Document no. 15, 1951, Report of the New York State Join Legislative Committe to Study the Publication of Comics
Monster Times #10
The Spawn of Wertham's Innocents
Monster Times #22
Wertham responds to Don & Maggie Thompson
Newfangles #31, 1970 Wertham vs. Fanzines article in the legendary Thompson fanzine
Newfangles #35, May 1970 Wertham/Fanzine article in the legendary Thompson fanzine
Newsweek, May 9, 1949 "Wertham on Murder", with Wertham photo
People Today, April 9, 1952
Three-page article on Wertham's work in Harlem at the Lefargue clinc.
RBCC Rocket's Blast Comic Collector #115, 1976
Interview with Wertham
RBCC Rocket's Blast Comic Collector #125, 1976
Wertham article
Redbook, April, 1963
Wertham and Alfred Hitchcock debate TV violence.
Saturday Review of Literature, January 31, 1942
Review of Wertham's Dark Legend, by Bertram D. Lewin, M.D.
Saturday Review of Literature, May 7, 1949
Review of The Show of Violence, by William M. Hitzig, M.D. Wertham cover and article.
Saturday Review of Literature, April 24, 1954
Review of Seduction of the Innocent, by Winfred Overholser, M.D. This review, in the same magazine that gave Dr. Wertham lots of press, called SOTI laughable. Read it!
Saturday Review of Literature, October 20, 1956
Review of The Circle of Guilt, by Fredric Wertham, M. D.. The review is by Albert Deutsch, author of Our Rejected Children, which was referenced in SOTI.
Saturday Review of Literature, November 19, 1966
Review of A Sign for Cain: An Explanation of Human Violence, by Fredric Wertham
Sense of Wonder #12
Fredric Wertham Luv Pinup
Squa Tront #3
Wertham article.
Time March 29, 1948
Article about Wertham's anti-comics symposium, "The Psychopathology of Comic Books", with Wertham photo.
Read it!
Trash Compactor V2#2, December, 1988
Seduction of the Innocent by Chester Brown
Vertigo #3
"Wertham Revisited" article (5+ pp.) in low-print-run fanzine from the UK.
Wizard, the Guide to Comics #40
The story of Wertham's anti-comics crusade.


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