United States Senate Investigation into Juvenile Delinquency
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U.S. Senate Investigation into Juvenile Delinquency

Read the transcripts of the U.S. Senate Hearings, at TheComicBooks.com.
Read the U.S. Senate report.

The following comics were used as part of the 1954 investigation of juvenile delinquency by the United States Senate.

Title Issue  
  CRIME MUST PAY THE PENALTY   3   "Frisco Mary" story used in Senate investigation.
  CRIME SUSPENSTORIES   22   Used in Senate investigation, and in Time article.
  CRIME SUSPENSTORIES   23   Used in Senate investigation on juvenile delinquency.
  HAUNT OF FEAR   19   Used in Senate investigative report
  HAUNT OF FEAR   24   Used in Senate investigative report
  MYSTERIOUS ADVENTURES   18   Used in Senate investigative report
  MYSTERIOUS ADVENTURES   20   Used by Wertham in the Senate hearings
  PANIC   1   Used in Senate hearings
  SHOCK SUSPENSTORIES   14   Used in Senate hearings
  STRANGE TALES   28   Jack Katz story used in Senate investigative report
  TALES FROM THE CRYPT   40   Used in Senate hearings & in Hartford Courant


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