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, a site about comic book censorship and more
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Links related to SOTI and comics censorship of the 1940's and 50's.

Some links to SOTI-related threads at the Collectors' Society message boards:
Comics and the Law
SOTI items sold
Comic Books that Warp Your Mind
Images from SOTI books
Gay Batman Discovered
The censorship of Black Cat #51
Comics censored by the code features some of the erotic spankings of the type Wertham criticized.
Plenty of "Wertham missed it" material, including a section called "Seduction of the Innocent". And plenty of laughs at the comics of yesteryear.

MonkeyBoy's Cubic Zirconium Reader
Lots of great images from SOTI, comics that were referenced in SOTI, and other comics that perhaps should have been mentioned.

The United States Senate Hearings
A transcript of the Senate hearings into juvenile delinquency in 1954, when the investigation turned to [gasp!] comic books!

The Seduction of the Innocent page at

Seduction of the Innocent and the attack on comic books
Article by Jamie Coville

Wertham turned from anti-comics crusader to comics advocate
Wertham biography.

The Mainline Comics Story: An Initial Examination by Robert Beerbohm
Article about Simon & Kirby's Mainline Comics, discussing among other things the effects of Seduction of the Innocent.

Let's You and Him Fight: Fredric Wertham and the Critique of Mass Culture Day One
First of a five-part exchange between Dr. Bart Beaty (author of Fredric Wertham and the Critique of Mass Culture) and Dr. Craig Fischer.

Seduction of the Innocent, Day 1
Peter David, prolific writer of stuff, recently (2011) posted this, the first of his 1994 "But I Digress" columns on Seduction of the Innocent. Check his archive for parts 2 and 3.

Lambiek- The Comics Code
The text of the original CCA comics code, embellished by the website's author with panels from comics of the 40's and 50's.

Some places to buy golden age books: [Jim Payette] [Ted VanLiew] [Vincent Zurzolo and Stephen Fischler] [Doug Sulipa] [Bob Storms] [Bob Beerbohm] [Terry O'Neill] [Joe Nacca] [Richard Evans] [Ron Pussell] [Harley Yee] [Lone Star Comics] [Andy Coleman AKA Goldust40] [Marc Newman] [Jay AKA jkrk] [Dennis Keum] [Jeff Delaney AKA NearMint] [Mark Zaid] [Brent Moeshlin] [Jamie Graham] [Gary Dolgoff] [Richard Makinson (QuicksilverComics)] [Dave Thinn] [Darryl Jones] [Jamie Newbold and Gino Siragusa] [Robert Roter] [Brian, Kenny, and Bob] [Byron Jones] [Bob AKA Fuelman] [Andrew Cretella] [Joseph Fiore] [Stephen Burr] [Beverly Kranz] and dtacoll [David T. Alexander], which as of 9/13/09 had not been updated in 4 years, and jmhcomics [John Hauser] [Gus Poulakas] [Dave Reynolds] [John Verzyl] and thegreatescape [Gary Walker] and diamondintlgal [Steve Geppi] and thecollectorscave1 and edkalbcomics [Ed Kalb] and [William Vogel] and comiccollectorshop [Phil Schlaefer] [Mark Wilson - CGC only] [Marnin Rosenberg - CGC only] [Bill Hughes - CGC only] [Rob Hughes - CGC only] [Steve Lauterbach AKA ComGeek - CGC only]

And here are some auction websites that sell GA comics... [Jim Halperin] [Joe & Nadia Mannarino]

Also, consignment websites... [Josh Nathanson] (although mostly SA/BA) [Doug Schmell] [Chris Budel]

[Disclaimer: Some of these dealers may have good reputations, and some may not. Do a search of the CGC Boards or check their feedback at for more info, to ensure that you're dealing with a repubable dealer.]

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